Garippa, Lotz & Giannuario
Specializing in State and Local Tax Litigation


Garippa, Lotz & Giannuario has been engaged in the specialized practice of state and local tax litigation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and through out the country since 1975.  We concentrate our practice in the area of ad valorem Tax Appeals with an emphasis on complex commercial and industrial valuation litigation, as well as residential.

Garippa, Lotz & Giannuario holds the highest legal designation awarded by Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory and is listed in the Registry of Preeminent Lawyers in the United States.  This designation is awarded to fewer than 5% of attorneys nationwide. 



The law firm of Garippa, Lotz and Giannuario  represents billions of dollars of our clients' real estate property, with an emphasis on complex industrial and commercial properties.

Our tax compliance processes and controls ensure complete and accurate reporting in accordance with property tax rules and regulations. 

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Your property taxes are based on a percentage of your home's fair market value. But determining a home's fair market value is not an exact science. Assessors make mistakes or unsupported assumptions. Sometimes they choose inappropriate methods to determine the value of your house and use inappropriate comparable sales as compared to your property. They may over-value improvements to the property.

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